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Our guild is an enterprising group of ambitious merchants, skilled artisans, clever shop owners, and wealthy financiers whose goal is to attain more wealth through legitimate and clandestine means.

Our Guild has Meeting locations in Heidel, Tarif, Duvencrune, and Valencia city specializing in trade through those regions and beyond.

Server: NA_Calpheon2


Adenium Commerce
Heidel 5 -1, 1 F Siad

Adenium Gale Shipping
Duvencrune 3 Siad

Adenium's Bloom - Seat of Siad
Valencia 17-2 Siad

Tarif Rose Consignments
Tarif 1-4 DinowrecksRawr

In-game (Family name): Siad
Discord: Keirvec#0030

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